Kids Wooden Splash Spoons

Kids Wooden Splash Spoons

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Key Benefits:

  • 100% natural coconut
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Help the environment
  • Every cutlery is unique
Lifetime Guarantee
Turn Meals Into Masterpieces
Plastic Free Packaging
100% Compostable

Product Details

Get ready for some colorful and creative kitchen adventures with our Wooden Splash Spoons for Kids! These delightful spoons are designed to make cooking and serving fun and exciting for your little ones. Each spoon features a vibrant color-dipped handle, adding a playful and eye-catching element to their culinary activities.

Crafted from high-quality, kid-friendly materials, these spoons are safe and durable for everyday use. The smooth and sturdy construction ensures easy handling, allowing your little chefs to stir, mix, and serve their creations with confidence.

Not only are our Wooden Splash Spoons visually appealing, but they are also eco-friendly, made from sustainably sourced wood. Teach your kids the importance of caring for the planet while they enjoy their kitchen adventures.

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    Why Coconut Bowls™

    They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, since we launched Coconut Bowls in 2016, and featured on Sharktank, many other brands have tried to replicate what we're doing. We thank them for joining us on our mission, but here's why you should shop with us.

    We're a Certified B Corp

    Coconut Bowls is a certified B Corporation, meaning we've been verified to meet the highest standards in ethical, environmental and social performance, accountability and transparency.

    10,000+ ★★★★★ Reviews

    Our customers are the heartbeat of our brand. Thank you for supporting our mission, and for helping us change the world one bowl at a time.

    Positive Impact

    By purchasing from us, you're contributing to a sustainable ecosystem, positively impacting not just the environment, but the lives of farmers and artisans.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Coconut Bowls can last a lifetime, but natural products are sometimes unpredictable. That's why if one of our products ever cracks or breaks, we'll offer you a free replacement.


      It looks so natural, smooth, sits on the counter. I gave it to someone special. They loved it. It is so special to have as a bowl a handmade coconut bowl

      Jennifer Y.


      These bowls are more durable than I thought they would be, hold a nice size portion of food. I'm glad I bought these - less waste into our environment

      Pat K.


      I love our coconut bowls. I am trying to get away from using plastic and I love that these are all natural.

      Brittany H.

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    Why Choose Us

    Building a Better World.

    Millions of people have fallen in love with Coconut Bowls™, choosing natural solutions to plastic polution, and joining the global movement that's building a better world.

    While it may start with a Coconut Bowl, it really begins with you.

    What @earthyandy says...

    "Coconut Bowls help you make sustainable choices, and look really cute while you do it.

    They inspire you to make healthy choices and using them makes you smile - they just make you feel so good.

    Everytime you eat from them, i hope you feel a little Aloha from the islands, and it just brightens your day."

    Our Lifetime Guarantee

    Genuinely Authentic

    Eco-Friendly Sustainability

    Diverse Selection

    At the heart of our creations lies nature's essence, which, like life itself, can be beautifully unpredictable.

    We're proud to stand by our products with a lifetime guarantee. If one of our masterfully crafted gifts from nature ever cracks or breaks – even years down the line – we'll honor our promise to provide you with a complimentary replacement.

    That's our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and your satisfaction.

    Our commitment to sourcing the finest coconut ensures an unparalleled quality that resonates with the authenticity seekers and nature lovers alike. Each coconut is cut, cleaned and finished by craftsman from the local community.

    Each step of its creation, from cultivation to packaging, is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship. With a story rooted in authenticity, every use not only enhances your experience but also contributes to the preservation of our precious ecosystems. Embrace the genuine authenticity of eco-friendly living with every purchase, knowing that you're making a positive impact on the world around you.

    With our fun and unique designs, there will be a favorite coconut bowl for every household. Look at our diverse collection and pick your coconut today.

    Our Lifetime Guarantee
    Genuinely Authentic
    Eco-Friendly Sustainability
    Diverse Selection

    Got Questions ?We’ve Got Answers

    What are Coconut Bowls made of?

    Our coconut shell bowls are hand made from 100% natural coconuts. 

    How and where and Coconut Bowls made?

    We have two workshops, one in Indonesia and one in Vietnam. Each coconut is cut, cleaned and finished by craftsman from the local community.

    The item I would like to buy is out of stock. How long will it take to come back in stock?

    There will be times that our products will be out of stock, on most occasions pre-orders will be delivered within 30 days of your order. If you would like an idea of how long the wait will be, please email us at We offer out of stock items for pre-sale. We advise purchasing pre-sale bowls as they are the first ones out of the door when we are re-stocked!

    My cutleries have arrived and they do not all look the same, is this normal?

    No two coconuts are the same in nature, which is why all our bowls are different. Each bowl is unique and has so much personality with its own shape, size, markings and imperfections. Embrace their imperfections as that's what makes Coconut Bowls so special.