Best Selling Coconut Bowls™

Our Coconut Bowls are not just kitchenware; they're symbols of a commitment to a healthier planet.

Each bowl is handcrafted from discarded coconut shells, ensuring that your choice contributes to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

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Coconut Bowls is a certified B Corporation, meaning we've been verified to meet the highest standards in ethical, environmental and social performance, accountability and transparency.

Our customers are the heartbeat of our brand. Thank you for supporting our mission, and for helping us change the world one bowl at a time.

By purchasing from us, you're contributing to a sustainable ecosystem, positively impacting not just the environment, but the lives of farmers and artisans.

Coconut Bowls can last a lifetime, but natural products are sometimes unpredictable. That's why if one of our products ever cracks or breaks, we'll offer you a free replacement.