Kids Smiles Coconut Bowls

Ignite your child's day with the contagious joy of our Smiles Kids Coconut Bowl! This delightful bowl is a celebration of happiness, adorned with playful hand-painted smiles that bring a smile to every meal.

As your little one enjoys their breakfast adventure, the cheerful smiles on the outside of the bowl will brighten their day and inspire kindness. Inside, the heartfelt message "if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours" serves as a gentle reminder to spread love and positivity wherever they go.

Crafted from sustainably sourced waste coconut shells, our Coconut Bowls not only bring smiles to your child's face, but also teach them the importance of caring for our planet. With every meal, they'll learn to embrace kindness and compassion, making the world a happier place, one smile at a time.


Why Coconut Bowls™

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, since we launched Coconut Bowls in 2016, and featured on Sharktank, many other brands have tried to replicate what we're doing. We thank them for joining us on our mission, but here's why you should shop with us.

Coconut Bowls is a certified B Corporation, meaning we've been verified to meet the highest standards in ethical, environmental and social performance, accountability and transparency.

Our customers are the heartbeat of our brand. Thank you for supporting our mission, and for helping us change the world one bowl at a time.

By purchasing from us, you're contributing to a sustainable ecosystem, positively impacting not just the environment, but the lives of farmers and artisans.

Coconut Bowls can last a lifetime, but natural products are sometimes unpredictable. That's why if one of our products ever cracks or breaks, we'll offer you a free replacement.

Our Mission, Your Impact

Your purchase goes beyond acquiring a beautiful product; it plays a vital role in creating job security and fostering a thriving work environment for our talented artisans and their families.

With each purchase, you contribute to a sustainable ecosystem that enriches their lives and empowers them to pursue their passions.

But our mission and your impact extend even further.

By consciously choosing sustainable products like ours, you not only avoid unnecessary waste but also set a powerful example for your friends and family.

Your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle inspires others to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of positive change in our world.