Coco Charity

Coconut Bowls is more than just a brand - we're a movement for global sustainability.
In addition to rescuing discarded coconut shells & wasted woods, we provide full-time jobs to dozens of artisans, and donate to environmental, humanitarian and animal welfare charities with every sale.

With every purchase on we contribute a percentage of your order to one of three charities. They all align closely with our values and focus on a different challenge - planet, people and animals.

PLANET - Rainforest Alliance

Our chosen “planet” organisation, Rainforest Alliance, have been working tirelessly for more than 30 years delivering measurable benefits to forests, wildlife and communities in vulnerable landscapes around the world.

The Rainforest Alliance is on a mission to stop deforestation, combat climate change and deliver economic opportunities for rural communities.

Explore the impact the Rainforest Alliance is having here.

PEOPLE - World Food Programme

Our chosen “people” organisation, World Food Programme (WFP), are changing and saving lives. Lots of them. Each year WFP assists over 80 million people around the globe by delivering food assistance in emergencies and working closely with communities to improve nutrition.

The WFP is on a mission to achieve zero hunger, deliver food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Explore the impact the WFP is having here.

ANIMALS - World Animal Protection

Our chosen “animal” organisation, World Animal Protection, are creating a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended. They, like us, believe a sustainable future can only be achieved if both animals and people are part of the solution.

Each year millions of animals are harmed by the incorrect disposal of non-biodegradable waste entering the environment. Together, we can prevent the needless suffering and death of innocent animals.

Explore the impact World Animal Protection is having here.

We’ve been working on this initiative for many months and are confident these charities are creating meaningful and measurable impact for the world.

As a team that values community, we are letting you decide where our contributions will go. So, during checkout, make a choice and let your voice be heard - planet, people or animals.

Stay tuned for our contributions in our monthly newsletter.