Sustainable Materials

At Coconut Bowls we’re passionate about using natural resources to change the world.

Everything we have ever needed to survive, and thrive, comes from the natural world around us: food, water, medicine, shelter, and even natural materials like coconut shells, wood and bamboo - which we believe are nature's solution to plastic pollution.

  • Reclaimed Waste
  • Every year billions of coconuts grow and are harvested for their water and white meat - unfortunately 99% of coconut shells go to waste, and are often burned which releases CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and Methane emissions into the atmosphere. Instead, we reclaim these waste coconut shells, sourcing them from the coconut farms after their water and white meat has been extracted. We then employ local artisans to cut, craft and polish the coconut shells, into beautiful Coconut Cups, Coconut Bowls and Coconut Candle holders.

    Our reclaimed waste doesn’t stop there, we also source old coconut wood. For coconut farmers, the coconuts are often their only source of income - so after 60 - 80 years when coconut trees have stopped growing coconuts, they’re cut down with new trees being planted in their place. The coconut wood is often used to make building materials and furniture, with the offcuts and smaller pieces being burned as waste. We reclaim these smaller pieces and off cuts, with local artisans handcrafting them into our Coconut Spoons, Coconut Forks, Coconut Knives and Coconut Chopsticks. Beautiful Coconut Cutlery.

    There is an abundance of wooden offcuts that go to waste as a bi-product of furniture making, we source these offcuts and use them to craft our range of wooden buddha cutlery. One small "off cut" can create many Wooden Spoons, Wooden Forks, Wooden Knives and Wooden Chopsticks leaving next to no waste behind!

  • Re-use
  • Single use plastics are the main source of plastic in our ocean, and are causing enormous issues in both marine and land environments. Single use plastics are designed to be convenient, but they’re discarded after just one use. Plastic is permanent, and every piece of plastic ever created, still exists... In landfill, in oceans, in nature, there are even microplastics in the air all around us. 

    Not only are all of our products made from nature, they’re reusable and are designed to last you many years and hundreds of uses. But what’s even better is once you’re ready to replace your old Coconut Bowls, Wooden Cutlery and Bamboo Straws with new ones, you can give them back to nature, where they will biodegrade and compost naturally. 

  • Recycle
  • While globally less than 12% of plastics are recycled, our Coconut Bowls can be recycled and repurposed in many different ways should they break or you no longer wish to eat from them. Some of our favourite ways to recycle and repurpose Coconut Bowls is to turn them into planters for indoor plants and succulents, or even to grow herbs and microgreens. We also repurpose them as candle holders, jewelry holders, coin jars, dog food bowls, paint bowls - the only limit is your imagination.

  • Chemical Free
  • Unlike plastics, which are made from various chemical compounds, our Coconut Bowls, Wooden Cutlery and Bamboo Straws are all 100% natural. This is incredibly important, in particular when using these products for eating as chemicals can be dangerous, causing harm to our health and wellbeing. 

    Our products are entirely natural and handcrafted. From tree to table, our products are never exposed to chemicals. All of our products are polished with organic coconut oil, which is not only naturally antibacterial, but also hydrates the coconut, wood and bamboo - bringing out their natural beauty.