How to Host Your Own Waste-Free Boho Brunch!

How to Host Your Own Waste-Free Boho Brunch!

It is almost impossible to host a completely waste free brunch… but with Coconut Bowls and some helpful tips you can almost do it!

Brunch is a great way to get everyone together to connect, eat good food and laugh a lot… so we have come up with a few ways you can create a day to remember, without harming our planet!

#1 Let your guests know it is a waste-free event (through a digital invite)

Send your invitations as a text or Facebook Event instead of hard copy plastic-coated invitations. Let them know that you are making an effort to keep the brunch completely waste-free, this will stop your friends from bringing slabs of plastic water bottles or disposable utensils.

#2 Borrow and Reuse Furniture and Household items

Start with what you’ve got! Look around the house for pillows, chairs, old table cloths and ask a friend or family member to do the same #sharingiscaring. You could also visit your local op-shop/thrift store as they often sell cheap as chips kitchen and homeware essentials!

#3 Use Your Coconut Bowl Products

Of course, a Boho Brunch cannot be done without Coconut Bowls reusable products… and we have just created the perfect set of 4 ‘Boho Bowls’!

Each bowl has been carefully handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans. While these bowls remain 100% natural coconut shells, our family of talented artisans use traditional carving techniques to manipulate different textures and markings into the shells, creating beautiful and unique Coconut Bowls.

If you haven’t already purchased from Coconut Bowls and you are concerned about the carbon emissions produced through shipping, don’t be! We offset all the carbon created through our commitment to carbon neutral shipping.

Light up the party with our Coconut-Soy Candles use reclaimed coconut shells and eco-soy wax and make the perfect addition to your Boho Brunch! We have three scents available, no matter the vibe, you can’t go wrong!

  • Toasted Coconut
  • Coconut & Lime
  • Coconut Vanilla Caramel

(PHOTO BY @frei_style)

#4 Let Nature Do The Decorating

Step outdoors and see what you can find! Flowers, leaves and any other fallen foliage can be bundled together to create a beautiful vibrant display with a range of different plant species! Similarly, fruits, veggies and backyard plants can be woven into wreaths and set up as table decorations and they can be composted at the end!

#5 Food & Drink Tips

There are many ways to reduce waste when it comes to food and drink. It’s not just what you use to serve your guests but the potential for food waste is a factor as well.

Forgotten fridge food is a massive contributor to food waste… so those carrots at the bottom of the fruit draw and the onions in the back corner of your cupboard can be used to make a soup or homemade hummus dip! It is crucial to check what you already have in the fridge and freezer to avoid overbuying! Similarly, in the weeks leading up to your Boho Brunch, you can defrost and eat the contents of your freezer. That way it will be empty and ready to store leftovers from your event so nothing goes to waste. 

Menu Ideas:


  • Sweet Potato Fries (compost the skins)
  • Homemade Seed crackers (sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, chia seeds, water, salt and pepper - mix together roll it out and cook in the oven!)
  • Chia Pudding in a Coconut Bowl with farmers market fruit.
  • Homemade brunch bread - savory or sweet!
  • Homemade veggie frittata/quiche
  • Homemade pancakes with ‘Nice Cream’ to top.

Want more recipes? Click here to grab your very own copy of our ‘Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls Cookbook!


  • Infused water: add your favourite fruits and veg to sweeten up your water
  • Refillable Kombucha Stations or brew your own Kombucha (You’ll need to know your hosting about 3 weeks prior to let the booch brew! )
  • Homemade Smoothies and Juices: before you buy ingredients check your fruit bowl for older fruit and freezer for those hidden bananas and berries!
  • Recyclable glass bottles for beer, cider, kombucha etc.

(PHOTO BY @rawandfree)

But what about a straw to sip these delicious drinks? We’ve got that covered too! Our reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws are a must have! They are light-weight, easy to clean and a stylish addition to your Boho Brunch.

#6 The Clean Up 

Encourage your guests to take the left-overs home, use plant based 100% certified compostable bin liners for everything else and remember to compost your fruit and veggies. 

If they don’t want them there are an array of food bank services and volunteer organizations that rely on generous donations from the public to feed those who are food insecure.

If you can commit to a few, or just one of these tips, the next time you host a brunch at your house you are hosting a more environmentally friendly event than before! Us humans are social creatures and value the importance of connections and relationships, so we hope you can educate and inspire your guests to live more sustainably when they see how beautiful your home or garden looks!

We can’t wait to see how your brunch turns out, as always tag @coconutbowls in your photos for a feature across our various social media platforms!


With Kindness & Gratitude, 

The Coconut Bowls Family

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