June 30, 2020 1 min read


This is a really tasty recipe that combines both breakfast and smoothie with a tropical flair. Especially on days when you can't decide between and breakfast and smoothie.


    • Mango, 1 cup (frozen)
    • Banana, 1 fresh
    • Plant-based Milk, 1 cup
    • Agave Syrup, 1 tsp
    • Oats, 1/2 cup
    • Chia Seeds, 1 tbsp
    • Plant-based Milk, 2/3 cup


  1. Put all the smoothie ingredients in a blender until creamy. Then set aside.
  2. In a bowl add the oats, chia seeds and plant-based milk and mix well to combine. Let it sit for five minutes so the oats absorb the liquid and the chia seeds expand.
  3. Add the oatmeal in the bottom of your favourite Coconut Bowl and then add the smoothie.
  4. Add in your favourite toppings and enjoy!



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