5 Kid Friendly Smoothies & Smoothie Bowl Recipes

5 Kid Friendly Smoothies & Smoothie Bowl Recipes

We know that smoothies are nutritional powerhouses, but it's not always the easiest task to get your kids to eat their fruit and veg! 

We have sourced 5 kid friendly smoothie & smoothie bowl recipes that we know your kids can't resist. 

1. quick and easy vanilla protein shake. 
 Earthy Andy Vanilla Protein Shake
2. Vibrantly eye catching this pink pitaya & passionfruit smoothie bowl recipe is packed with immune boosting vitamin c. 
Caitey Got Plants Pitaya Bowl
3. Nobody can go past a classic, not even the kiddies. Simple and delicious açai bowl smoothie  

Raw and Free Acai Bowl
4. The taste of summer, mango & pineapple smoothie with a small amount of ginger for warmth & tiny tummy digestion. 

My Smoothie Life Tropical Smoothie
5. The secret to getting your kids to eat more veg, blend it with something naturally sweet & delicious. 

My Smoothie Life Green Smoothie


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