October 13, 2020 1 min read

The Climate Council
 is an Australian based climate change organisation deciphering dense scientific data and making it digestible for everyone. This approach allows people globally to join the climate conversation with confidence.

From the ocean’s calming powers to the soil from which our nourishing food grows, we’re grateful for the wonders of nature. Without the tireless work by the Climate Council we wouldn’t be able to decipher the dense scientific data that is crucial in fighting climate change and protecting the environment. So with this knowledge we’re taking time to breathe in with gratitude, breathe out any tension and in doing so we are giving ourselves a moment to reflect on the fine balance the environment around us depends on. 

Project: Donations went to providing local councils and communities with the tools and skills to enact action on climate change. Thinking globally and acting locally is essential to empowering people to start their sustainability journeys and at Coconut Bowls we know that once you get the good eco feels you just can’t stop. 

Donations to date: $5,250