September Eco Give Back

When we dreamed up Coconut Bowls, we imagined a world where single use plastics were swapped for sustainable, biodegradable bowls, spoons and serving ware. We knew that if we could help our caring Coco community get easy access to the world’s most sustainable bowl then together we’d be able to make a difference. Now 6 years later you’ve made our dreams a reality! 

Pod of Dolphins Coconut Bowls

Are you ready to partner with Coconut Bowls?

Since 2016 we’ve prioritised collaborations with charities, events, festivals, content creators and health professionals. We get a kick when you share our eco, sustainable & ethical products with your community. So if you’d love to use our handcrafted Coconut Bowls, bamboo straws and wooden cutlery in your food styling, photography, at an event or in any way that aligns with our sustainability values then we’re ready to hear from you.

Did you know Coconut Bowls is a member of 1% for the Planet?

That means every time our Coco Community chooses Coconut Bowls, the most sustainable bowl in the world, they are also donating directly to organisations like Sea Shepherd and HalfCut

By creating products with purpose, we are able to do well by doing good for both people and the planet. By sharing our values of health, sustainability and community you are guiding the positive impact that’s possible. We hope you know that Coconut Bowls truly is a purchase to be proud of.

Sea Shepherd Ocean Conservation Society

As our 1% for the Planet ocean conservation partner we donated $700 this month to Sea Shepherd initiatives that take action and make change. We’ve put our hands in the sand and feet in the water by joining the Marine Debris Campaign as it empowers communities to remove plastic pollution from the ocean and beaches. Find local Sea Shepherd events by following the link here. There is always a chance to make a difference and join a like-minded community in feeling great after a day's volunteering.

Half Cut

In September we donated $700 to HalfCut and their mission to heal rainforests and preserve wildlife habitats. At Coconut Bowls we’re proud to partner with organisations on the frontline of the fight against climate change. Every $2.50 donated to HalfCut protects 1 square metre of Daintree Rainforest, one of the most ancient and vibrant ecosystems on the planet. Click this link to donate and make an even greater impact.


Did you know that every Coconut Bowls purchase ever made has been carbon offset? By tracking our carbon footprint we are constantly finding ways to reduce and offset it. Our partners CoolEffect are an amazing organisation using the profits from purpose led businesses, like Coconut Bowls, to enact global and local campaigns that ignite planet-sized change. We couldn’t be prouder to continue supporting CoolEffect’s global projects and if you’re interested in joining in then follow the link here.

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