Coconut Soy Candle + Cookbook

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Who doesn't love a cookbook and a candle? For your Mum, sister or aunt who loves relaxation, our candles — which come in three scents — will surely be her favourite. Combine this with our award winning Vegan Bowls cookbook with over hundred plant-based recipes, she will have something delicious to cook every day of the week!
Our candles are made using coconut-soy wax and natural aromas that are blended and hand-poured into a sustainable, reclaimed coconut shell. They also feature a wooden wick that makes a soft crackling sound when it burns. You'll be able to enjoy the scents of the tropics for more than 45 hours with our 300g candle - long enough to decide on which scent to try next and have it waiting at your doorstep!
1% of all proceeds get donated to environmental initiatives via our commitment to 1% for the planet.

  • Size

    10.5 oz / 300g / 45 hours of burning time 

  • Material

    Unlike plastics, which are made from various chemical compounds, our products are all 100% natural. From tree to table, our products are never exposed to chemicals that could cause harm to our health and wellbeing. We’re creating positive changes to the way we consume food by replacing plastic compounds with all natural, sustainably sourced, eco friendly products.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    If your Coconut Candle cracks or breaks, after following our care instructions, we'll offer you a replacement for free.

  • Care Instructions
    • Burn the candle for at least 2 hours upon first use.
    • Place the candle away from draughts, children, pets, and flammable materials.
    • Woden wicks do not often require trimming, but if your candle begins to smoke, trim the wick back to 2cm.
    • Once there is less than half an inch of wax remaining, discontinue use as a candle and scoop out the wax to up-cycle the shell into a planter

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