Tahitian Raw ‘Fish’ Salad aka Poisson Cru

Nope, this ain’t a bad joke, this dish is 100% plant-based & cruelty-free! But yes, it 100% looks, feels and almost tastes like raw fish! This Tahitian salad is a traditional Polynesian dish I’ve grown up eating, and to this day, it’s still my favourite salad. When I went vegan I thought I had to give it up and was devastated... A bit of brainstorming and lots of test-tasting and anything can be veganised! Here’s proof! Ready for take-off to paradise?

Recipe by Amelie Balland (@amelietahiti)

Makes 3 - 4 coconut bowls


2 medium carrots, shredded

1 medium cucumber, chopped

3 ripe tomatoes, cubed

coconut milk of 1 coconut (see instructions) or about a small can

juice of 3-4 limes

1/2 white onion

Vegan Fish (see below)

Basmati Rice, to serve


For the Vegan Fish :

¼ big watermelon or half small

1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce

2 tbsp water

1 tbsp flaxmeal (grinded flaxseeds)

dash of cooking oil

Tip: it is a great recipe to make when you've picked a not-so-sweet watermelon!

If not in season, just make this salad with the veggies!


Step 1 : Try to cut the watermelon in as many seedless 4x5cm, 2cm thick blocks you can. I like to cut 2cm thick circular slices from whole small watermelon, discard skin and cut into blocks.
Step 2: In a bowl, combine marinade (tamari, water & flaxmeal). Stack few absorbing papers on a big plate. Dip & coat quickly each watermelon chunk in the marinade and immediately put on the plate. Place the plate uncovered in the fridge for 2-3 hours (actually the more the better). Start step 3 only when those hours have passed.
Step 3: Prepare veggies - cube tomatoes (put in a bowl with salt to remove excess water), grate carrots, dice cucumber (remove seeds) & thinly slice white onion. Put all in a big salad bowl with juice of all limes and place in the fridge while you do step 4 & 5.
Step 4 : Heat up a pan with a dash of cooking oil of choice. Take watermelon out of the fridge and squeeze excess water with a towel paper. Cook all chunks on low-medium for 20 minutes, flipping each 5 minutes. Then 1 minute on medium-high each side till edges are lightly browned. Have a taste-test: it should really be entirely soft, no “crunchy” watermelon texture. Allow more cooking if needed. Cut into smaller, bite-size, chunks & allow to cool down.
Step 5 (optional): To make pure fresh coconut milk, as we do in Tahiti, do this: get a coconut, crack it open. Scoop out the coconut flesh, grate it (or blend it). Put a bit of coconut meal in a thin dishcloth and squeeze all your energy out of it into a bowl! Repeat till all meal is dehydrated (you can use it for other recipes).
Step 6 : Take veggies out of the fridge & remove excess liquid. Add coconut milk and 'fish' to the salad bowl. Combine well.
Step 7 : Place lettuce in coconut bowls, add Tahitian salad on top, and serve with warm basmati rice ! Enjoy !

About Amelie

I am a 23 yo bloger & youtuber, sharing my healthy vegan lifestyle and passion for nutrition, fitness & helping others. I grew up in Tahiti, and currently live in Paris, after living in Sydney and graduating from Business School in Canada. Yes, I love to travel! I’m a big enthusiast of anything active: dance, surf, yoga, fitness, hike, name it, I love it! I became vegan 2 years ago, which was a health, ethical & environmental awakening which I’m now very happy and grateful to be sharing on social media and in real life!


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