10 steps to living fully, whole heartedly and with authenticity

By Juliane Nowe, Founder of YogaNowe (@yoga_nowe)
  1. Say no to the things that don't feel right in your heart and your gut. If it doesn't feel right, then it isn't right. No questions, no convincing, just NO.
  2. Instead of making “goals” or resolutions, do more of what feels good and keep doing that. The other things that are “unloving” will no longer exist in this new loving space you are providing.
  3. When you feel like judging someone else or your self. Take a moment to recognize the feeling and instead find something you are grateful for towards yourself or the other person.
  4. If you have any energy in your body that needs to be released-release it. This may be through a meditation where you go in and talk to the energy or feeling, or you may need something more intensive like a Reiki Intuitive treatment, therapy or acupuncture. Set the intention for your commitment to release it and the ways to do so will present themselves.
  5. Use your breath first then decide. If I'm feeling sluggish, i want to eat sugar, but if i breathe first and use my breath for energy then i don't need it (try alternative nostril breathing). This also helps choose your words when responding instead of reacting
  6. If you feel like attacking someone negatively. Mediate on it, sleep on it, do whatever you need to do to get back into a loving vibration so you can then address it from a different spot. It's never our words that hurt its the energy behind the words that the words carry the hurt.
  7. Instead of complaining, change it or find a way to look at it differently.
  8. Be more loving. We spend so much time blaming the person and things when really what can we do to be more loving towards them and ourselves.
  9. Practice yoga
  10. Be aware of the materials you use and especially the people you surround yourself with and the environments you put yourself in.  I love the coconut bowls instead of plastic. I choose high vibing, aligned with love people and environments to be in. These are non-negotiable.

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