Sweet Potato Banana nice-cream

Recipe by @tiziano_broccardo

2-3 frozen bananas
1 cup cooked sweet potato
Plant based milk (if necessary)
Maple syrup (if you want it sweet)

A tsp grated coconut
Pecan nuts
A tbs of maple syrup

Blend the frozen bananas with the potatoes until smooth. Meanwhile, chop dates and slice the banana, when you get a creamy and smooth ice cream scoop it in your bowl and add toppings!

About Tiziano

My name is Tiziano Broccardo, I'm 25 y.o and I come from a Asiago (a little city near Venice).
I love to go on excursions, nature, animals (yes I have a dog called Artú) books and any kind of music.
I love to spend time in my little kitchen and preparing really good vegan meals. I t!

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