Banana, Peach and Goji Smoothie Bowl

Recipe by @dallasleewilliams

1 handful of frozen peaches1 handful of frozen bananas, 1 tablespoon of goji berry powder
1 handful of frozen banana
1 tablespoon of goji berry powder
Blend and top with coconut shavings, cacao powder, your favorite granola, half of a juicy passion fruit, and sliced organic peaches.
Then you are ready to eat and enjoy! 

About Dallas!

Hello my friends, my name is Dallas Williams and I am a health enthusiast, if I should say so myself! I am a student at Georgia State University who is pursuing a degree in business and marketing! I am originally from sunny south Florida where I would spend most of my days catching some sun while slurping up a juicy fruit concoction! Now I spend my off-days creating delicious and nutritious recipes for people who want to eat a primarily plant-based diet! As I started this plant-based journey, I have found a whole new appreciation for the earth and what it provides for us. Not only does earth provide us with all the nutrients our bodies need from plants, but it provides eco-safe bowls and spoons! Thank you Coconut Bowls, keep spreading your eco-friendly message! To my friends, remember FOOD IS FUEL!

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