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2 Ingredient Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

April 05, 2018

Recipe by Natalya Harden

Who says healthy eating is hard? This refreshing and nourishing smoothie bowl has only 2 ingredients! It's all about using top quality ingredients and knowing the secret tricks for achieving that soft serve like smoothie bowl texture.


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 15 frozen strawberries


  1. Add frozen bananas and strawberries to a blender and blend, stop, mash and repeat until smooth and creamy.
  2. Top with whatever toppings you love! I topped mine with more strawberries, bananas, nectarines, coconut flakes and raw goji berries.


I try not to use any liquid so the texture remains creamy. This does take several minutes so don't feel that you're not doing it right! The trick is to blend it until it stops blending, stop the blender, open the lid, mash up everything with a spoon, put the lid back on and blend again. Continue to do this until you have the texture you want! If it's taking too much time (depending on your blender), you can add a little nut milk as needed.

Green Hulk Smoothie Bowl

March 22, 2018

I called this recipe the Hulk because one, it’s green, and two, it has hidden veggies and great fats like avocado to keep you fuller for longer. I couldn’t resist getting the coconut bowls to serve these smoothie bowls in! 

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Smoothie Bowl

March 08, 2018

Crunch into this cinnamon and chocolate rawnola smoothie bowl. The perfect dish for when you're craving dessert for breakfast!

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